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Feb. 1st, 2017. Summing up. 

This has been an interesting experience. First site without - or nearly without - coding. I started on Jan. 7th and finished the last page, the contact page on Jan 31st. I met with some problems both with the programme and also some not related to the programme, such as waiting for the web host to sort things for me on the server. So I can say the job was completed in about 2 weeks net.

Have I gained time compared to coding everything myself? I don't think so. But this was the first time. With the experience about what pitfalls I may come across, and how to avoid them, I think next time it will be quicker to use a programme like this. So will I be using it again? Possibly, but I'm more of a Bootstrap person, so I'm going to try out Coffeecup's Responsive Bootstrap Builder (RBB) before I make a decision. While I was working on this site, RBB appeared in a new version, so I can no longer maintain that they haven't grown up (But get that menu fixed!).

On these blog pages I have written down my thoughts about where RFF needs some improvement. I will mention these here, in short:

Not only RBB was launched in a new version, so was also RFF. When I started on this project, I often experienced that the programme went stale, or that it even crashed. This seems to have been fixed in the new version. Sometimes when I chose say, px instead of rem, the programme was disobediant. This still happens, but much less.

So, I wanted to create this site only using RFF, but maybe also with a side glance to the Foundation homepage. From that homepage I fetched the gallery for my summer page. And I had to turn to Coffeecup's Web Form Builder to create a working form. Apart from that, I think RFF has passed the test.

Feb. 10th 2017. Appendix.

As said above, I spent 2 weeks on this site when I subtract the waiting time for the form issue to be solved. In the meantime I have had to recreate someone else's project. A bit fewer pages, but with two Form Builder forms, and it was all done within one single day. So, with some practice, this program definitely is a great time saver!

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