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Jan. 10th, 2017. What about the design?

I first tried a 'wall-to-wall' design, but it didn't look good on my 22" screen. Maybe the contents are not the right ones for that. Anyway, I changed it to 1400px, that looks better. Not sure if this is the best solution either. I'm not actually a designer, more of a technichian, I guess.

Jan. 13th, 2017. The Winter page.

Managed to do the 'Winter' page today. It was fairly quick, then there isn't much going on with the bees now, so I didn't have too much content.

There is one problem, though. I have been using a fair amount of flex positioning, and I don't know if it is possible to make the text wrap nicely around an image, as it is with 'traditional' positioning, meaning floats and such.

winter page 1

Then all of a sudden the menu went apes**t! Could it be because it is Friday the 13th?

Navbar error

I don't know what I did, but it must have been something very silly. There was no other way, I deleted the menu and started over again. This time I made sure to create a 'component' with it, so that it will be easier to replace it if something silly happens again. I'm still a novice with this programme, so anything might happen...

Jan. 14th, 2017. The Winter page again.

The wrapping problem has been solved! I was told by one of the CC staff members how to do it. I need to pop both the image and the paragraph(s) into the same container, and then float the image. That worked very well, after I had fiddled a bit with it. Looks much better than before.

Text wrapping around picture

The rest of the day has been spent on preparing images for the various pages. I'll see if I can get an Orbit slideshow up and running on one of the pages. Nothing to show yet, but maybe tomorrow.

I have recently been giving people in the CC user forums, who have struggled with RFF, some advice on how to accomplish things. My knowledge comes from just trying to solve problems. This is my very first project with RFF, that I will - hopefully - see through from A to Z (or A to Å, as we would say in Norway). So far I don't think working in RFF has saved me any time compared to coding myself. But that may come with more exercise. But since I'm still thinking in code, I miss an easy way of keeping track of which class names have been used for what, and what kind of properties I have given them. It comes as a surprise, every time when I give something a margin, then somewhere else on the page - or site - something starts moving too. I also have found a couple of things that I'd like to have changed in the tool panel. One is that for each element you select, the panel scrolls up to the top. I wish it would stay put, so that, if you are comparing e.g. margins across a page, that you don't have to scroll down again to where you have those settings for each element you select. In the meantime you risk forgetting what you are looking for. Another thing is the possibility to label the elements that appear in the inspection pane. It's really a hit and miss trying to find the right container if you have some nested ones. It would help if e.g. the class names appeared next to the element.

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