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Jan. 15th, 2017. The start of the Summer and Autumn pages.
Old flash video

The orbit is up'n running! It took some fiddling, but I got there eventually. Most of the text for the Autumn page is still missing, though. Also, I haven't quite decided if I'll use the small flash videos from the old site. I would need to convert the files, probably to mp4. They are only as small as the illustration shows, and not good quality either, so I'd better wait for next summer and get a better one.

I also started on the Summer page. For the sake of some variation I wanted to make an image gallery, not another slide show. A gallery was not so easy in RFF. I tried different ways, and also checked out other sources. I finally found something I could use on the Foundation home page. Don't know yet if I'll keep it, it depends on what else I might happen to find.

Jan. 16th, 2017. Completing the Summer and Autumn pages.

It didn't take too long to add the text to these two pages. It was just a copy/paste from the old site. But certain paragraphs had to be rewritten a bit, especially because I had decided to drop the old videos after all,  and try to create new ones during the coming spring, summer and autumn seasons. The old videos had once been converted from mov or avi (don't remember which) to swf, and converting them back would not have done any good to the quality.

I've found another thing that I would have liked to be able to do: Lock certain elements. It takes nearly nothing to push something out of place, just clicking on it a bit sideways, then all of a sudden, something 'silly' has happened. I think that was the reason for my problem with the nav bar a couple of days ago. Today it happened again. Luckily I had saved it as a component, so it was easy to replace it.

Just as I was going to pack up for the night I noticed that the whole site had become left-aligned. Must have been another silly thing, something I did without noticing. Luckily it was an easy fix.

Jan. 17th, 2017. The Spring page.

This page has been made much like the autumn page, with text and a slideshow. The text was quickly inserted, but it had to be edited a bit. I had first written it some 12 years ago, so it needed a bit of an update. The slideshow on the autumn page had been made into a component, so I used that, just changed out the images. I was a bit concerned if the two slideshows then would interfere with each other. I gave each a different ID, and I learnt that the class names, if there are more than one, can be deactivated or reactivated the way they are needed. By dedault the classes are active, shown by the blue colour in the tool panel, but when clicked on, they will be gray, and that means they have been deactivated. Not sure if my precautions were necessary, but better safe than sorry!

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Originally, I had wanted to have a column on the left with thumbnail images, that when clicked on, would open in a modal. There is a 'full screen' modal among the components, that is triggered by a text link. I managed to make the modal smaller and to show my images instead of the default cat image, but I was not able to change the text link for a picture link. I can't for the life of me find what the text link is tied to that is not tieable to a picture link! But when I do find out, I may change the look of the spring page to this.

I have also met with another problem. I was looking for a way to simplify the navigation among the blog pages and found a navigation with a drop-down in the components library. It was adapted to fit, kind of, top right on the blog pages. I made another component out of it, just in case of need. You never know, the programme has already crashed on me once today. But the problem is, I'm not able to change the colour of the wee triangle. It doesn't appear in the inspection panel, at least I'm not able to locate it, and I don't find it as part of the text link either. So where is it?

I'm getting quite frustrated when adding images. The one on this page has a different class name than the ones on blog page 2 and 3, and the column it is in also has a different class name than the correspondig columns on the other two pages, but still those other two images keep jumping out of place when I edit this page. Why does that happen?

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