This menu was quite a challenge! It took me two days to figure out how to make a component for SD3 of the menu shown on the Vanilla home page, . It is a 'hamburger' kind of menu, without dropdowns. It has been built desktop-down, and there are no breakpoints added in SD3. Instead, there is a css file that has been fetched from the mentioned home page and added to the resources, with breakpoints (as media queries) and a lot of other styling built in.

I'm not sure if the search bar is working properly yet. The 'action' of the search form has to be set to the website on which the search is going to take place. I'm still working on that.

To make a component of this, select the 2nd container from the top. And don't forget the extra css file. There is also a js file. Not quite sure if it is needed. Both the css and the js files are meant to cover all the styling and functions on the Vanilla home page, so I'm sure some of it may be redundant for this purpose.