Basic cards

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This is a basic card

Well, not quite as basic any more... This card set is based on the built-in component 'basic card'. It has been created in RFF, but can also be opened in RSD2.x.

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Foca harbour

The images are from Foca, an interesting little fishing town on the west coast of Turkey. 

All the content, colours, margins etc can of course be changed. To make a container of the whole set, select the row. If you wish to make a component of just one card, choose the container with the class .card.

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Having a cat nap

The top container uses the class '.card-divider'. The image is placed directly in the card container, whereas this paragraph is wrapped in a .card-section'.

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A raki and a chat

Note: There is a little bit of styling in the Settings, Head section. That styling is necessary for IE10 and IE11 to display this card set properly. Those two browsers are old, and not supported any more by Windows, but there are still many people using them.
Those styles were provided for me by a Coffeecup friend by the nickname of Twinstream. Thanks very much, Twinstream!