Translucent text background

With text and image remaining opaque.

This is more or less the opposite of the building block called 'Translucent background image'. Especially, if you have a very detailed and colourful background image, it may be best to give the text a neutral-coloured, translucent background, otherwise the it will be hard to read.
This technique is not dependent on any particular programme, it can be done in all the responsive site builders that CC has created. You just need a container with a background image, and some text element (I used a 'hero' element) on top of it. The container has to be positioned relative, and the text/hero has to be given an absolute position.
The file is supposed to be a 'how-to', it's not actually meant to be made into a component, but if you want to do so, just select the container 'hero-holder' to create a Foundation component.