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Basic fixed header and footer template

The template is very basic, and the idea is making a 'frame' for an internet page. No matter how much or how little content is put in, the header and footer will stay visible, pinned to the top and bottom of the viewport.

I haven't decorated this template, because you are supposed to rip out the contents and add your own. For example, the menu can be any menu that sits as a  bar across the page, be it a 'hamburger' one, or with dropdowns. Vertical menus will not work here. All widths, heights and colours can be changed. You could, for example, use some of my other building blocks that you can find here in the sharing folder to help you display your contents. This template is created with SD3 using the Bootstrap grid system, so if you pick some of my stuff, be sure that it is also made with Bootstrap.

This template can be made into a component, select the 'wrapper' container to do that.

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Heading Level 3

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